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  Spring cocoons of CSC’s Pu’er high-end silk material base achieved great harvest  

  On Jun.1, the last basket of high quality cocoons put into storage represented the spring cocoons of CSCs high-end silk material base has achieved great harvest, with significant promotion on both the quality and output, and appeared a good situation both on output and sales.

  Yunan Province was one of the main producing areas of high-end silk material. Puer City was a natural valuable area of breeding mulberry silkworms with more advanced conditions in climate, soil, labor and region. In the last ten years, Puer City tightly held the historical opportunity of China Western Development and Moving Mulberry from East to West, established a mulberry industry system with good foundation, significant scale advantage and complete production factors possessing a mulberry field of 104,052 hectares and 1,050 thousand workers. Mulberry industry has become one of the six primary distinctive industries of Puer City. However, due to some selfish reasons, the mulberry producing companies were trapped into management troubles, which resulted in the mulberry industry of the whole city unable to operate normally and even deeply influenced the sustainable and healthy development of mulberry industry of Puer City.

  From March of 2017, with the great support of the Party Committee and government at different levels of Puer City, CSC established a silk company at Puer, dispatched a batch of cadres with high political qualities, strong business ability and rich work experience to take over the mulberry producing and operating system of the nine counties and one region of the whole city. Through three months hard work, the mulberry producing system and management order have already recovered and reached the expected goal.

  After the harvest of spring cocoons and in the producing and management of the four batch of summer cocoons and autumn cocoons in the future, CSC Puer silk company would summarize the experience carefully, tightly depend on the Party Committee and government at different levels of Puer City, hold the opportunities, work hard and positively to complete the tasks of the whole year in order to make active distributions to help the mulberry industry develop healthy, the farmers get rid of poverty and become better off and promote the improvement of the economic society of the minor regions.

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