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  Announcement on External Invoices Verification  

All departments and subsidiary companies:
    In order to strengthen the control of external invoices, standardize the obtainment and reimbursement of external invoices and keep away taxation risks, the controlling company decides to implement the system of external invoices verification. The related rules are as follows:

    1. The external invoices involve all sorts of invoices in the operation activities of enterprises, including printed invoices, written invoices, issued invoices and takeover evidences, etc.

   2. The acquired invoices must be firstly verified via the internet by the agent in person, could they be reimbursed.

    3. The websites for invoices verification in Beijing are as follows:
Beijing Local Taxation Bureau
Beijing Municipal Office, SAT
     The agent could log in the corresponding websites to verify the truth of invoices from other cities or areas. The agent needs to make records on the back of invoices from the areas where verification websites are not opened. Value-added tax invoices need not to be verified for the present.

    4. After verification, the agent needs to make records on the back of invoices (pass or fail) and sign the name, and then hand in to the leader of department to approve, and finally hand in to financial department to deal with reimbursement or payment.

    5. The invoices which do not pass verification can not be reimbursed.

    6. The financial department of the controlling company will supplement and revise the methods of invoices verification timely in accordance with the new policies and requirements of Taxation Bureau. All departments and subsidiary companies please contact with the financial department in time, if encountered with any problems during the process of invoices verification.

    7. The system of invoices verification will be implemented from Aug.1, 2010.
Attachment: an example of invoice verification


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